The era that India is witnessing today is of artistic heads. Numerous people carry a bundle of ideas with them, wrapped up with desire. But does carrying your idea everywhere with you make any difference? In our opinion, it is as similar as a dry, yellow leaf that has broken from its branch and lies lifeless on the ground. All we urge you to do is to water your ideas and provide them with the platform. And how is that possible? Adited’s new unit HighGarden is the answer to this. After providing you with the uber cool coworking space we now gift you space for your brainchild to land up. A rooftop workshop space with an open sky awaiting your limitations to shatter and your wings to open. Carrying the benefit of its central location in the heart of Indore we are open to all. Be it a technical workshop or a cooking workshop, we never say no to creativity.

HighGarden is central India’s first rooftop workshop space with an inbuilt cafeteria for those who believe that food can crush your depressions and can even join in for celebrations. All we are trying is to expand the horizons and make a move that is ahead of the curve.


Now the question that pops up is how does holding a workshop help.? Well when you try to showcase your ideas and knowledge, firstly you make people aware about your know how’s and know why’s and you get to meet the young lad’s with fanciful ideas because who knows when serendipity is going to favour you. Another advantage is that you get to build a community and share the knowledge which infact is the treasured part. At Adited we take as gospel that competence and creativity are master words and sharing is the rule indeed. Events were a part of the coworking space too but that was not satisfactory there was a need to put flesh on the bones, thus we ended up designing HighGarden. A gorgeous rooftop venue , kinetic camera work, amazingly efficient staff, mouth watering food, the verdure location, ambiance, perfect acoustic and a cost next to nothing. And after putting our heart and mind to it we launched this space a few days back where the response had left us astonished. The opportunity to cater to so many well wishers and visitors was heart warming. (the mornings are refreshing where the greenery of the place attracts the positive vibes and restores energy in one self. The interior is never going to fret you as it has got the simple yet elegant look. And the nights here at HighGarden are the best part, if you are fond of  magnificent light work it’s definitely a place for you).As Abhinandan Gupta the founder says that the only reason to get this place primed was to provide a elegant place where one can seek a platform to launch themselves and thus benefitting them and their brand. Adited has definitely succeeded in marking their brand high with this new addition.