One Implausible Employee Can Do The Work Of Three Average Employees.


In the workplace, productivity, innovation and efficacy are the nuts and bolts—we all want to build a better mouse trap and that too before anyone else. However, to get the things done according to our preferences is not that easy as it appears.

By hook or crook, we all try to conquer our daily tasks. Nonetheless, we often run after becoming a perfectionist or a multitasker. Neglecting the actual principal reason following – why we do not succeed to accomplish a particular given task, which is our ‘HABITS’.

If you are ready to become an Implausible Employee, keep scrolling for few get-it-done tips that will have you enjoying your work by minimally changing your habits at the workplace.


     1. Separate your sole from social media

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Don’t fall down the rabbit hole. Social media is an easy distraction. Even small breaks to check your cellular device can add together in a day’s worth of time. Get off your devices. Power down, and stay focused on your work. Minimize interruptions and ruthlessly edit which meetings you choose to attend. Only check personal devices on pre-scheduled breaks.


     2. Prioritizing

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Track your efficiency to identify what times of day you are (as you would expect) most productive. Prioritize things according to time commitment and priority level. Keep a check on your progress. This habit will give you a sense of achievement as you tick off accomplished tasks.

Set self-imposed deadlines and fix to them rigorously.


     3. Be a team player

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Requesting for aid and delegating tasks to increase productivity is often crucial for few people. Two primary factors when collaborating with co-workers are communication and trust. Few projects ever suffer from over-communication

Multitasking is a ritual of many an office culture; psychologists advocate that efforts to manage several tasks at once may diminish performance levels.


   4. Establishing a healthy sleep routine

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Fatigue dampens creativity and can marginalise productivity. Imagine walking into the workplace in a blissful state rather than hurried, chaotic and stressed. Give your brain some doze off each night and set up a regular circadian rhythm. Train your mind to unwind, and reboot takes devotion and consistency.

Habits such as sleeping, eating, and waking at the same time each day ensue a healthy soul and will improve your productivity without more ado.

Find your unique groove and work it.


    5. Try New Things

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If you have never tried volunteering or meditation, now is the time, as both can positively influence your perception of time. Volunteering makes you feel like you have more free time. When it comes to meditation, research shows that doing it on a daily basis will improve your ability to maintain attention longer, meaning it will not be so easy to distract you with cat videos anymore.

Trying new things can apply to production methods, too. Armed with a fresh understanding of your relationship with time, you can be better at adapting task-management tools to your needs.

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