There are various elements to accelerate the growth of your business but the most important one is YOU. Your efforts and the hard work will decide where the business would be in the near future. It’s quite crystal clear that working smart can bring up more efficient results than working hard. So instead of throwing your hours like confetti rather use it astutely. Here’s pinning 6 out of many ways to boost your productivity at your workplace.


1. Create your to-do list-  Nothing is as better as writing it down. Be it on the paper or anywhere else but the most effective way to follow anything is to write it at the right place. Until and unless you pack your daily schedule or design the to-do list you cannot have a free flow of the day. Hence it is advisable to get the roadmap ready before the day begins. As Paul J Meyer has beautifully quoted- Productivity is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent planning and focused effort.

"To Do List"


2. Forgo multitasking- People believe that being a multitasker helps to succeed in many tasks at the same time hence saving time but to their shock multitasking is a lie. When you bring plan A and plan B to bear at the same time you bifurcate your attention and thus not being lucrative to both the plans. So it’s better to be a postage stamp- sticking to one thing until you get there. Complete one thing and then simply slide to the other.


3. Take a break- Sitting in front of your electronic brain, pondering hard over the bone of contention and straining your eyes all day will not do any good to you, all that you need to do is take regular breaks while you work. It not only rejuvenates your mind but also increases the efficiency of your work. Nobody can work on a go; you really cannot make an omelet without breaking the eggs. Thus it’s suitable to take breaks than break the stream of your good work.

4. Weed out distractions- Once you take a break, there might be a possibility that you get distracted but always remember to starve your distractions and feed your focus. Don’t let your social media interrupt your flow of work simply turn off the notification and work, if still, you think that you are falling behind then just go ahead and uninstall it, since the heart of the matter, for now, is work.


5. Motivate yourself- motivation helps in bringing the best out of a person. And good work and reward go hand in hand; one must be rewarded for the efforts made. If not by your superiors then by yourself. Give yourself a treat; gift yourself a thing you wanted to buy since long. This will motivate you to put in more efforts because there’s a reward waiting after your every good work. Besides this, you must also maintain a distance from the motivation killers as they are really eager to help in ruining your productivity.


6. The review check- After finishing all the work, taking breaks from time to time; secluding interruptions, it’s time to check. Start evaluating your work efficiency, time, and how smoothly it ran all day. Give this review some time to evaluate the happenings of the day so that you can note down the best done today and eliminate the one which doesn’t stand in need. Scan if the breaks have been long or whether any of the work could have been given less priority.


All you need to do is run through your mind at the end – Did your to-do list run well? If yes then you are on a best track if not than these ways listed above will undoubtedly be some help.